Keep it Simple

Simple? That’s the request we hear the most from our clients.

What does Simple mean in the Audio Video/ Home Automation world?

Well, it means controlling everything, on one handheld system controller, with just the press of a button. Want to watch a movie or show on satellite or cable? Simple! With one button you can turn on a projector, drop the screen, close the blinds, turn on the satellite or cable box, turn on the home theater receiver, set the system to the correct settings, and dim the lights. Plus, many other commands customized to your system. (Sorry, you’ll have to grab the popcorn!) Even Blue-Ray or NETFLIX can be controlled with another button on the same controller!

Choosing the correct system controller depends on your system and budget.

Even the smallest budgets can incorporate an inexpensive hard button remote control for a TV, surround receiver, cable or satellite box, and a Blu-ray player. But, for ultimate customization, an LCD touch screen remote is the best solution. An LCD remote has almost unlimited button capacity, so we can configure your system controller to control as many components as you could possibly incorporate into a single home system!

Want to make sure everything looks Simple?

A Radio Frequency (RF) Processor will allow you to control your components thru walls or cabinet doors. So you can hide all the clutter and wires of the system out of sight in a cabinet or media closet.

How about the simplest solution for total home automation?

A two-way processor is a highly sophisticated processor that allows for two-way communication. These allow you to control your thermostat, lighting, music system, alarm system, surveillance cameras, and even more. With an internet connection, you can get current weather, know what lights are on or off, check what station the radio is on, set the DVR, or view your surveillance cameras from anywhere with your I-pad, I-phone, Droid, or handheld system controller.

Can it really be that simple?

For the end user, it should be this simple. For simplicity, I always recommend a customized system control!

-Brian Moses, Owner – Custom Thunder Audio Video, Inc.

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