How Much Does it Cost?

In the world of home entertainment there are so many variables, so many configurations, and so many choices.  But for most customers, “How much does it cost?” is the biggest concern.

Here’s a basic answer to remember: You Get What You Pay For.

So we’ll start with what you need.

I as an integrator / Programmer, have to understand the entire system! I need to know what the clients interests are, what components will be involved, and what services they prefer, as well as have recommendations and answers for questions about these different services. By services, I mean DirecTV vs. Dish vs. Cable, or Sirius vs. Pandora or Netflix vs. Amazon. Questions like these help determine what you need: does the client like movies or sports or both? Do they have an I-pod, or would they rather stream music from the internet, or do they like a favorite FM channel? How does the client want to control all of the different aspects of the system? It’s my job to understand how it all works and to know what components are needed and what cable or wire is needed to make sure the proper wiring configuration is in place to make it all happen.

Then incorporate what you want.

There are so many cost variables and just like anything else, there are high quality and low quality products. We as custom integrators use these products daily and we strive to make sure the products we offer have good warranties and have a great track record with us. If we test and use a product and we see a design flaw or have a persistent issue with a particular, we will find another solid solution. Don’t get me wrong, all electronic equipment is subject to failure. We just try to minimize those failures. We always recommend using surge / lightning protection and power conditioning products to help minimize these issues, I can’t make the customer purchase these products but ALWAYS recommend them.

So how much it cost depends on the quality of the products, how many products are needed to make the system work properly and how easily you want to be able to control it as well as how much time it will take to design, install, and program the system…

The good news…….Estimates are always FREE!!!!

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