Lighting Control

Lutron Electronics designs and manufactures energy-saving lighting controls, automated window treatments, temperature controls, and appliance modules for both residential and commercial applications throughout the world. The company’s solutions, which easily integrate with other third-party systems, such as security systems, make any space more versatile, while enhancing ambiance and comfort. You can conveniently control Lutron solutions via keypads and wireless remotes, as well as from your smart device.

All this culminates into savings for you, with advancements in LED and halogen lighting combined with dimming technology’s lighting has become super energy efficient. Some systems even come with ambient light sensors to set your lights to pre-programed sets maximizing the light and savings. My favorite setting is the path of light. The lights turn on as you enter the room and off as you exit, eliminating the need to search for switches in the dark.

The functionality of Lutron and the customization of the switches – One button can control many of the lights, even setting up a movie mode the lights go full bright and as your projector cuts on the lights slowly dim until they cut off. This gives you plenty of time to get in your seat and comfy. Joel Spira’s first invention – a simple rotary dimmer that can still be found on many dining-room walls today revolutionized the way we think of lighting control.

Whether you are leaving for the evening or on an extended vacation, Lutron provides a variety of solutions that can enhance the safety and security of your home. With Casét Wireless, turn lights on and off from the safety of your car with just the touch of a button—no more fumbling for the light switch as you try to unlock the door. Dimmers installed by the stairs and in hallways can illuminate a path of light in key areas of your house, making it easier to navigate from one room to the other during the night.

RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS enhance security with advanced functionality, including timeclocks and remote monitoring capabilities. You can even integrate these systems directly to your security system to visually enhance the system’s functions and save energy without effecting the security system’s performance.

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