Cedia 2016 Review

Cedia 2016 was all about thinking big, and seeing as it was held in the State of Texas it seems appropriate.  They were there to not only present big opportunities; but to share big challenges for the integrators, venders and distributers. This was a general call to action to the AV world.

Big Thinking

There are broad ranges of opportunities available to the AV community. A spectrum of different products, but the ones that reap the most are those that are ready for when a new product launches with all the knowledge and tools for the job. Being the first on the market to supply a service or product gives you a huge edge.

Big ou must be willing to work with others to succeed. Custom Thunder AV may know everything about the products we sell but without our network of distributers, builders, and audiophiles we wouldn’t have access to the products and knowledge we use to service you every day. We focus on cutting edge tech and solutions with timely order fulfillment and flawless customization.

Big Future

The opportunities are coming in the next few years. Our tech world is growing at an astronomical rate and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. We will be staying up-to-date with new products and training to fulfill all your tech needs.

We as integrators are looking for ways to expand our business at a rate that’s never been faster. Emerging trends and opportunities are just around the corner with smart home businesses being shaped and defined in conjunction with our ability to deliver you a customized integrated work space that fulfills all of your needs.

Big Products

UBP-X1000ES 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player
We got our first look at Sony’s 4k UHD Blue-ray player, this coming months after Samsung and Philips dove into the market. Sony’s new blue-ray releases alongside brand new projector, both aimed at upper-tier videophilia’s. Sony’s UBP-X1000ES standard 4K Ultra HD player not only handles disc playback, but streams 4K content along with HDR for richer colors and deeper contrast that 4K has on its own. As well as upscaling for 1080p content to bring it to near 4K resolution.

VPL-VW675ES 4K Projector
Sony’s enters the world of High-End projector. This model will be a first to support HyLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma). A new standard developed for HDR broadcasting with an update set to for soon after release via firmware. Sporting 2 HDMI inputs, both supporting HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2. the lamp is rated to last 6,000 hours in low mode, and claims an impressive 1,800 lumens. With a dynamic contrast ratio of 350,00:1.

OLED hasn’t been out long, but LG has already thrown its hand into the market pushing the technology further. First they gave us a 55”, then a 65”, now there throwing it all in on a 77-inch model. While many companies are brightness and bigger nit counts, LG strives for overall contrast. OLED has one distinct advantage the ability to turn a pixel completely off making them capable of true black. Now other than size there isn’t much here we haven’t seen before. With both HDR10 and Dolby vison being supported in addition to 4K Resolution. No word on if they have fixed the burn in issues surrounding the OLED products but I would recommend waiting until they do to go in on this one.


The big winner of Cedia 2016 is DC Power Distribution getting two industry awards and Cedia’s best in show award. It is the industry’s first centralized DC power solution that solves the growing complexities integrators are facing in residential AV applications. Available as 45W DC compact and 125W DC 1RU systems, allowing it to fit anywhere. The number of devices going into many jobs now can be over whelming on the power of the site this allows a balance for power demands with the space constraints

We at Custom Thunder AV are looking forward to next year to see what new products we get to bring you.

Lutron Technology

Lutron Lighting Control

Lutron Electronics designs and manufactures energy-saving lighting controls, automated window treatments, temperature controls, and appliance modules for both residential and commercial applications throughout the world. The company’s solutions, which easily integrate with other third-party systems, such as security systems, make any space more versatile, while enhancing ambiance and comfort. You can conveniently control Lutron solutions via keypads and wireless remotes, as well as from your smart device.

All this culminates into savings for you, with advancements in LED and halogen lighting combined with dimming technology’s lighting has become super energy efficient. Some systems even come with ambient light sensors to set your lights to pre-programed sets maximizing the light and savings. My favorite setting is the path of light. The lights turn on as you enter the room and off as you exit, eliminating the need to search for switches in the dark.

The functionality of Lutron and the customization of the switches them self’s. one button can control many of the lights, even setting up a movie mode the lights go full bright and as your projector cuts on the lights slowly dim until they cut off. This gives you plenty of time to get in your seat and comfy. Joel Spira’s first invention – a simple rotary dimmer that can still be found on many dining-room walls today revolutionized the way we think of lighting control.

Workplace Productivity & Efficiency
Proper lighting control can translate to an increase in productivity. Though typical lighting is fine for paperwork, it is usually 2 to 3 times brighter than is ideal for computer work. The solution?
Optimizing daylight and electric light saves energy and creates a productive, comfortable environment. Dimming increases lamp life and reduces maintenance costs, which can significantly affect your bottom line. Light controls can reduce the cost to reconfigure space, whether for different events, new tenants, or new layouts. Light control systems, such as Quantum, can also report on energy usage and savings to manage costs down. Lutron has a variety of solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of your work environment.

Commercial spaces can reduce overhead costs by controlling the lighting. For example, when The New York Times Company wanted to create an “energizing work environment” and reduce its energy consumption, it chose Lutron light control strategies. With light level tuning, daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing, the company saved nearly 70% of its lighting energy each year.

Whether you are leaving for the evening or on an extended vacation, Lutron provides a variety of solutions that can enhance the safety and security of your home. With Casét Wireless, turn lights on and off from the safety of your car with just the touch of a button—no more fumbling for the light switch as you try to unlock the door. Dimmers installed by the stairs and in hallways can illuminate a path of light in key areas of your house, making it easier to navigate from one room to the other during the night.

RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS enhance security with advanced functionality, including timeclocks and remote monitoring capabilities. You can even integrate these systems directly to your security system to visually enhance the system’s functions and save energy without effecting the security system’s performance.

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