DIRECTV is your exclusive home for the ultimate in TV entertainment.

With DIRECTV, you get the newest Hollywood blockbusters first—sometimes months before DISH Network, cable, and Netflix—plus critically acclaimed original series you won’t see anywhere else, exclusive 3D programming, the most sports, and the most full-time HD channels. If you want the best that TV has to offer, you need DIRECTV.


Now the same DIRECTV that you watch at home, including your live and recorded show, is with you anywhere-no additional equipment needed, at no extra cost.

With DIRECTV, you get 400 of the newest movie releases, some available months before DISH Network, cable, and Netflix—all in 1080p HD, the same format as Blu-ray™. Plus you get instant access to over 6,000 VOD shows and movies at no extra charge.

DIRECTV gives you instant access to your favorite shows and movies, uncut and commercial-free, on your cell phone, iPad® or online. With HBO GO®, you can enjoy unlimited access to over 1,400 new movies and shows each month.

From NFL football to international cricket, DIRECTV offers the most sports. DIRECTV also brings you more of it in breathtaking High-Definition than anyone.

With over 200, DIRECTV offers the most full-time HD channels. And with DIRECTV CINEMA™, we have the most movies in 1080p HD, the same format as Blu-ray. Your eyes and ears deserve the best.

4K goes by many names—4K, Ultra HD, Ultra High Def. No matter what you call the industry’s best picture format, you’ll find it on DIRECTV.

Record and watch shows in anywhere with the DIRECTV App.
Forget to set your DVR when you were sitting in front of your TV? No problem. Browse programs and set your DVR from anywhere with your phone, tablet, or computer.

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We have been an Authorized DirecTV dealer for 18 years and carry a full line of DirecTV Satellite equipment. DirecTV satellite service is simply the best television on the planet. With digital quality picture and sound, DirecTV is a must for every household that has a television. We have the experience and knowledge to incorporate your Genie DVR, and interactive Satellite equipment into your home entertainment system. So let us install your home entertainment system today!

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